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Las Vegas Soaring Club

If it can fly, you might just see it at our field!

A Gold Leader Club #3038

Photo Gallery

General General Trevor and dad 189603763 Flight line 189603764 189603765 189806360 189806361 189806362 The eternal tinkerer's 189806363 EF 60" Extra 190411715 trex 450 pro 190411716 Can I fit more planes? 190411717 59" and 71" Slicks 190411718 71" Slick 190411719 Granddaughter and Bigfoot 190411720 Big Foot and Slick 190411721 My wifes son next to his grandfathers piper cub. 1977 190411722 Flying at a NLV hanger 190411723 I wish I had this one 190411724 64" MXS 190411725 Spitfire 190411726 Slick,Viper and Sniper 190411727 My other love of flying (on the water) 190411728 Extra MX and Viper 190411729 My DLG 190411730 192279111 Las Vegas Soaring Club Barry, Dennis, Robert and 2 Bills taken from Calypso's rear cam. Had a little fun photo shopping the runway !!! 192481317 192279112 192279113 Robert's Mitchel 195196361 195444310 195444311 195444312 195444313 195444314 195444315 195444316 195444317 195444318 195444319 Harvey on the Field 10-1-14 Harvey is cleaning off the rocks and debris from the runway following a request to the member ship. Top notch member! 195882224 Handicap sign (finally) We finally have a handicap designated sign so visitors don't have to guess. Thanks Harvey! 195882225 Clean as a whistle! The runway after Harvery spent several hours with his leaf blower. 195882226 203324422 Long shot Harvey can be seen finishing up the runway cleaning 195882227 Test Pilot for my Edge 540T Found! This guy kept circling me while flying at the field this morning, refused to leave. Kinda made my day! 204204425 Jan. 25, 2015 First time at field 197273395 Jan. 25, 2015 Right before a 'not-so-pretty' landing 197273396 204204458 204204459